School History


Kawempe Muslim Secondary School was established by the government of Uganda in 1984 as a ‘special gift’ to Kawempe Muslim Primary School in 1984 in appreciation of its excellent performance for over ten years. 

 In 1983; the Ugandan government hatched a policy of establishing a secondary school for every constituency country-wide. Kampala district had four constituencies namely; Kampala North comprising the present Kawempe Division, Kyanja and Ntinda, Kampala East comprising present Nakawa Division,Kampala South comprising present Makindye Division and Kampala West comprising Rubaga Division. Unfortunately, the Muslim community missed out in getting a secondary school and approached the Kampala City Council Education department to for clarity.On 25th February, 1984 the education officer informed him that a school had been granted and that payments for registration should be organized.

Historical Pictures


On 2nd March,1984 the school was inaugurated by the Provincial Education Officer; Mr Stephen Maloba assisted by the Kampala City Council education officer, Mr Olwata Omara at Kawempe Muslim Primary School Main hall. On that day, the first board of Governors was elected as below:

  1. Hajj Ahmada Kizza Lukwago - Chairman.
  2. Hajj Muhammad Mayanja. S - Vice chairman
  3. Hajj Muhammad Kateregga - Secretary General
  4. Hajj Edris Sserugo Kasenene - Member
  5. Hajj Ahmada Mulindwa – Member


The newly elected the Board went on the search of the headmaster and landed on Mr. Muhammad Katongole Kakooza (now late)from Mackay Secondary School (Nateete). The first admission of students began and the initial number of students was 44: 24 boys and 20 girls. ACCOMMODATION OF THE NEW SECONDARY SCHOOL Indeed the land at which Kawempe Muslim Primary School was sitting could not accommodate the two institutions. Accordingly, the School Board and the general Muslim community decided to relocate the school. They approached the Juma Zukuuli Muslim Sect at Kyaddondo Hill as a temporary measure until a permanent home would be acquired.In its meeting, the Board of governors agreed to mobilize the trustees of the sect including; Sheikh Diriisa of Nsotoka, Bugerere, (President General), Sheikh Muhammad Kibanga (Vice chairman), Haji Sultan from Buddo, Haji Ramadhan Ssebuliba from Kikajjo and Haj Mivule Musa of Kawempe who willingly consented to the proposal. At the hill (Kyaddondo), there were a two classroom block which was not used and a UMSC convert centre which had not been occupied. The Secretary General of UMSC Haj Isa Lukwago was approached for permission to temporarily occupy that building until a permanent home was acquired. He agreed and issued a letter of occupancy and the school was re-located from Kawempe Muslim Primary School premises to Juma and Zukuuli Muslim Sect at Kyaddondo Hill headquarters. STAFFING: 10 Teachers were then posted to the school by the Ministry of education i.e. 5 men and 5 women. Namely:-

  1. Mr. Mohammad K. Kakooza Headmaster (late)
  2. Mrs. Mayanja Khadija (Geography / Political Educ.)
  3. Miss Elizabeth Njuki (English / History)
  4. Miss Elizabeth Abongo (Biology / Chemistry)
  5. Miss Juliet Musoke (Fine Art).
  6. Miss Mayimuna Nabatanzi (Math/Geography)
  7. Mr. Michael Kisitu (Maths/Physics)
  8. Mr. Neuman Kawooya (Islam/Comm/Accounts)
  9. Mr. Joseph Opio (Tech Drawing)
  10. Mr. Peter Settaka (Agriculture)
Non-Teaching Staff
  • Miss Hanifer Kasozi - Secretary
  • Mr. Sebastiano Kato – Bursar

Soon, it grew necessary to have a Parents’ Teachers Association. In the Meeting, 50parents and 10 teachers attended. The following were elected as the executive.

  1. Haji AliSerunjogi - Chairman
  2. Haji Muhamood Kateregga - Vice Chairman
  3. Hajj Ahmada Kizza Lukwago - Treasurer
  4. Mr. SulaimanSembajja - Member
  5. Hajati Rehema Kasenene - Member
  6. Haji Edrisa Kasenene – Member
  7. Mr. Fenekansi Lubowa - Member
  8. Mr. Husein Sezooba - Member
  9. Mr. Neuman Kawooya – Member
  10. Miss Juliet Musoke – Staff representative


  • M r .Mohamad Katongole Kakooza - 1984-Dec 1988
  • Mr. Ibrahim Matovu - 1989-2002
  • Haji Bruhane Mugerwa - 2003-todate
1st Anniversary was celebrated on 30/3/1985 and the Guest of Honour was Regional Education Officer Mr. Maloba Stephen. A fund raising function took place and a total cash collection and pledges of 591,007 =was realized. BOARDING FACILITY (P.T.A)

This wing was opened in the year 1985. First group of students(girls) only occupied Mr. Mugalu’s Steel Factory now a maize mill just on your way to Kawempe Muslim Secondary School main gate. The premises were left at the end of April 1986 when the number of students increased and they occupied Mr. Bakunda’s houses on Kyaddondo Hill.


Finally, special thanks go to the following people and their familieswithout which the school would not be in existence:-
  • Haji Edrisa Kasenene for the gleaming idea of saving thechildren who had failed to go to school.
  • All the ministry and education officers especially Mr. OlwataOmarafor the tireless efforts in making the school a reality.
  • Mr. AhmadaKizzaLukwago, Haji MuhamoodKatereggaand Hajj TwahaBisasefor the donation deposited during the registration of the school.
  • Haji AliSerunjogi, for steering P.T.A association from 1984– today.
  • We are indebted to OmulangiraKassimNakibingeKakungulu (Mbuga) for parental love and adviceextended to this school.
  • The Bakasembe family for providing a dormitory andproviding food (maize) sometimes free of charge.
  • Hajj Lukwago Isa for agreeing in giving the Covertcentre to the school.
  • Hajj Lulagala- very fundamental in the construction of first the classroom block.
  • Pioneer staff members (both Teaching and Non Teaching).
  • Juma - Zukuli Sect for the support and encouragementextended to us.
  • Pioneer Parents / Students for having persevered allthe problems of the new school, they have been verycooperative.
  • BOG and PTA (Pioneers) for having been so brave to beable to sail through all the problems faced by a newInstitution at times with no seating allowances.
  • Mr. Muhammad Mayanja(Jeema) formerly director ofplanning Ministry for securing grants from ministry tobuild the school.
  • The Late Driver Muhammad aka (DYNA) for having workedhard, with low salary up to his retirement.
  • Special thanks go to the teaching staff (past and present) forthe excellent job done so that Kawempe is one of the GiantSchools in Uganda.
  • Our school neighbours and the landlords who have beenaccommodating our students, thanks for your cooperationpthat has been excellent all those years.
  • We are grateful to UMEA for their encouragement andprofessional advice.
  • The Ministry of Education & Sports and all officials havehelped us greatly.
  • Finally K.C.C.A (past and present)and all officials who did a goodjob. Thank you.